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The College of Naturopathic Medicine has the pleasure to invite you to study to obtain a Diploma in scientific naturopathic holistic healing medicine. Students learn proven methods to use nutrition and lifestyle as natural healing medicine to support optimal health and may cure diseases others couldn’t.

The college has branches in most of the big cities in the West. You can attend the college near you or study online anywhere in the world anytime.

The study is based on theory, application and practice at a university level. After graduation, you become a consultant or practitioner  and can open your clinics at home or high street to meet your clients. The sky becomes the limit for your earnings.

Demand is on the increase on naturopathic holistic healing medicine because it doesn't have any side effects and may cure diseases others couldn't. For example, a childless couple to have a baby tried everything in UK, USA and Canada without success. But after seen a naturopathic consultant, the wife became pregnant after six months. Another example: an old diabetic woman came on a wheel chair to see a naturopathic consultant. After six weeks, she came back walking for follow up consultation. There are thousands of other meraculous healings, including many reported cancer healings,

Every one can join regardless to age (I am 78), location and educational back ground as long as obtained school leaver knowledge. The study is made up of three parts, biomedicine part, theoretical application part and practical part.

This is a good opportunity to start with the biomedicine part with out committing to the next two parts just to break the ice. At the end of biomedicine part, one may learn about all body parts, functions, diseases and cures as much as local doctor . Please click to see details of biomedicine course.

Please click to see lectures of biomedice.

Regarding ages, I think this could be very useful for aged people. It engages their mind with a lot of activities more than enough to protect them from neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease and Dementia. This is in addition to healthy nutritional education and life styles, which reduce all disease risks.

For full information without obligation, please click the link below: You will get £250.00 discount when joining through this link. Please mention my name: R M Ahmad “Good Luck”.

£40.00 Free Cash on my account when you join through the link below:

Natural healing medicine

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